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When I first heard about Irena Major's "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Property Profiling", needless to say, I thought it is another "How to become a real estate bird dog" product targeted at unsuspected real estate investing newbies without any actionable information!  But I was wrong!  

In this website, I am going to share with you my honest review of the e-book  and of course...I will shall cover what you'll learn in the e-book.

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- what are the exact duties of a real estate bird dog

- how to find your real estate investors to bird dog for

- how to identify your investors' investment criteria

- where to find the property deals for your investors

- and much more...

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What Is Irena Major's "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Property Profiling" All About?

Real Estate Bird Dog ebook

This is a 55-page ebook (in pdf format) that covers almost everything that you need to know in order to become a real estate bird dog and start making money in your spare time.  It's a no risk method of real estate investments.

Also included in the e-book package are appendices such as sample real estate bird dog service agreement, attorney letters, property profiler tracking system, realtor letters, investors evaluation forms and a whole lot more...

Besides, an exclusive training course delivered via email will be given as a super bonus.

Honestly, I have never seen anything goes into so much step-by-step, do this then do that detail!

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What You'll Discover In "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Property Profiling"?

As mentioned earlier, this is a step-by-step guide on  How to Become a Real Estate Bird Dog

The guide is written in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Below is the content of the e-book package:

- 3 fundamental steps of becoming a real estate bird dog:

    i)     Step 1  - Locate a mentor

    ii)    Step 2  - Establish and agree on criteria and compensation

    iii)   Step 3  - Find the deals for your investors

- The skills that you will learn as a prospect are: 

    i)     Real estate investors and how to find them

    ii)    How to approach an investor
    iii)   Places to find / general leads

- Real estate records search

- Document search

- Other helpful information and links

- Criteria for selecting comparable sales

Save for the above, the e-book package also contains many useful appendices such as:

- Profit locator service agreements

- Property profiler tracking system

- Attorney letters

- Human resources letters

- Owner letters

- Investor evaluation forms

One more thing I would like to highlight is that a lot of screenshots and useful links are also included for easy reference.  

I believe this is something that you wouldn't see in some other how to become a real estate bird dog e-book.

I would say this is truly a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to become a real estate bird dog while earning extra income in their spare time! 

A screenshot of the contents of the e-book

Real estate bird dog - contents

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Money Back Guarantee

Real estate bird dog - money back guarantee

Irena Major backs  "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Property Profiling" with 100% money back guarantee.  In case you are not completely satsified with what you have learned, you can just email her and she will refund you 100%!  

You really got nothing to lose here.  The best part is that you get to keep what you have downloaded!  

Is "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Property Profiling" Suitable for You?

I personally think that "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Proerty Profiling"  is most suitable for someone who:

- are not ready to give up their day job but are keen to earn extra income during their spare time

- are ready to take massive actions to follow through ALL the steps described in The Lazy Investors Guide to Property Profiling

If your answer is "YES" to the above 2 questions, then I would strongly recommend you invest in  "The Lazy Investor's Guide to Property Profiling".  

To Your Success,

Your "Real Estate Bird Dog" friend     


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